Removing Website Confusion with Vosteran

September 10th, 2014

Website confusion is sweeping across the world. How to remove it? Vosteran to the rescue!

Vosteran is here to organize and sort all of your web browsing into a coherent, understandable format.

Remember those days when you used ‘bookmarks’ to remember intriguing websites and services? On paper, the concept looked like a great idea.

But when put into the user experience, bookmarks was a huge flop. It became clear after a few  years that people were not taking advantage of its capabilities. They would find a new article or blog in a remote part of the internet, and then tuck it away in bookmarks.

Now, the million dollar question; did they ever return to these bookmarked sites? Absolutely not. These websites sat in the bookmarks file, never to be opened again. Why? Because the user couldn’t see the sites when they started a browsing section.

Whenever a user opens a browser, they really can only remember a few websites that they frequently visit anyways. You know these sites–the big social networks, video sharing, etc.

At Vosteran we call this problem “website confusion”, and it is our goal to remove it.


How do we remove website confusion?


Our main design effort is to bring all of these websites we tend to forget to the forefront of your mind whenever you open up your browser. After all, it is easy to lose track of so much new information. That’s why we moved these sites out of the dusty ‘favorites’ box, and displayed them on your Homebase, plain for you to see.

We also worked to simplify the search function. Our browser has a specially designed search feature that helps tailor web content to you. This way you see more relevant websites, offers, and information.

So, feeling a bit more intact? The web can be an overwhelming place, let Vosteran straighten it out.