How Vosteran Connects you With Great Software

September 7th, 2014

How do you find out about the latest and greatest software?


Vosteran is here to help! Vosteran can help bring you that much closer to all your favorite sites and services that are on the cutting-edge of software and app development.

Tech blogs are a great place to start. GigaOm and Mashable are two high quality sources of software and technology information. Let’s also add TechCrunch to the list–it’s one of our personal favorites. But let’s not get caught up in numbers–your Vosteran homebase can handle it all.

So now that you’ve added these blogs to your homebase, how do you remember which ones are the most useful?

There are plenty of ways to distinguish websites on Vosteran to help you stay on top of the information. A good way to mark each site is to use the logo editor tool.

The tool allows you to do several things:

First, you can add your own logo in the place of the one that is automatically generated. This could be a picture, text…whatever floats your software boat. It’s up to you to make the logo fit your fancy.

Second, you can adjust the colors of the logo to fit your classy aesthetics. Every logo comes with an easy color editing option to help you remember your impressions of each site.


Where else can you find high quality software online with Vosteran?


Another great source is to follow software and tech influencers on their various social media outlets and blog pages. Personal recommendations are often the best way to get sense of the ‘essence’ of a new product.

Vosteran can assist you in gathering all of these sites on your Homebase. You will likely see many of these top social networks on your ‘recommended’ category that appears when you first create your Vosteran.

All these organizational tools coalesce to give you a simpler, more efficient browsing experience.