Frequently Asked Questions


Where Did the Idea For Vosteran Come From?

We are all busy people. The designers of Vosteran were no exception. They were tired of typing out URLs keeping and they were sick of keeping track of so many tabs.

These designers scoured the internet for a proper tool of managing this hefty organization task, but nothing turned up. So one day they decided to fix this problem themselves.


How Does the Vosteran Browser Work?

The browser is simply an improved internet navigation space that already operates with your Vosteran profile in place. You can also do an optimized Vosteran search from your Homebase at any time, whether on our browser or from a Chrome/Firefox browser.


How do I Uninstall Vosteran?

Uninstalling Vosteran is a very easy process. Take a look at our removal page and it will lead you through the process. The entire uninstallation should not take longer than 10 minutes.

If you’re having issues with the software, we recommend that you let us know! We like to maintain an open dialogue with our customers. If you want to tell us how we’re doing, just go to the Vosteran logo on your Homepage, and select ‘Feedback’. Then, type away and we will respond as soon as possible.


Can I change the background of my Homebase?

Yes, as with virtually all aspects of the Vosteran layout, you can make adjustments as you see fit. Start by clicking on the ‘Settings’ menu below the Vosteran logo at the top left corner of the Homebase. The drop-down menu will show you an option for changing backgrounds, among many other available tweaks and adjustments.

From the ‘backgrounds’ menu, you can choose from the default images available, or you can add your own. If you prefer monochrome, we have a full palette of colors to choose from.


Is Vosteran Malware?

No, Vosteran is not malware. Vosteran brings legitimate value to users, and does not do any harm to your computer.