So how do you get the most out of Vosteran? We will do our best to highlight Vosteran’s features, and explain the best way to use them.

But these are just our ideas--we want to know more about how you optimize Vosteran for your own benefit! We welcome your thoughts about how to improve our browser and format.

Your ‘Base’ of Exploration

The central structure encompassing Vosteran’s features is the Homebase. This is where you will begin every time you open a new window, or a new tab when the Chrome extension is activated.

Your Homebase contains all of your saved websites in the form of logos. Each of the logos holds the link to a website that you have saved, or was saved automatically by our smart algorithms.

Visual Appeal

We know you’ve got a great sense of aesthetics, and we wanted you to be able to show it. We engineered Vosteran with a full palette of colors and customizable features that allow your imagination to run wild.

All of your logos are capable of mixing and matching designs, colors, and shading. If you don’t like how a particular logo sits in one of your categories, then, change it! You can easily pick up and move any logo with just a click. Reflect your digital feng shui however you see fit.

The User in the Driver’s Seat

We built Vosteran with the user at the center of the technology. Not only do all of our features have a personal touch, they are designed with function at the forefront. Let’s take a look at an example of how Vosteran’s export feature can be leveraged to optimize the way you navigate the internet.

Let’s say you work at a company that requires you spend a considerable amount of time online. Maybe you use Google Docs or Spreadsheets to do your written work, and you must spend a great deal of time doing research as well. Over time you’ve built up a series of websites and online services that you have come to rely on.

After a while you notice that you’re closing down many of the same sites at the end of the day that you open at the beginning of the day. It’s a very repetitive, annoying process. Opening a new window, trying to remember all the tools you need for the day, and then typing URLs until your ‘workstation’ is ready.

Here is where the Vosteran export tool steps in. It can expedite this whole process with just a little preparation. First, create a ‘work’ or ‘tools’ category of logos on your Homebase. Here you might put a link to your Google Drive, another to your email, and maybe even one to your Facebook (hey, we aren’t judging).

When you have this category ready, you can just hit the export button (looks like several squares stacked on each other) and every website from the category will open up on your browser. No more scrounging around the URL box, no more recalling the same 5 or 6 websites every time you start your computer.

This same export method can be applied to other groups of related websites. If you are a fantasy sports fan, you probably have about a half dozen resources for managing your teams and tracking your favorite players. You can save all these websites in your logos, and open them simultaneously with just one click.

Take Advantage

So now that you have some idea of how Vosteran can guide browsing, go and explore without trepidation! The internet is at your fingertips. Your homebase is where it all begins, and your logos are your connection to new sites and old favorites.

You get bombarded on a daily basis with dozens or even hundreds of sources of information. Let Vosteran collect the ‘best of’ and remember them all so you don’t have to.


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