September 10

Removing Website Confusion with Vosteran

Website confusion is sweeping across the world. How to remove it? Vosteran to the rescue!

Vosteran is here to organize and sort all of your web browsing into a coherent, understandable format.

Remember those days when you used ‘bookmarks’ to remember intriguing websites and services? On paper, the concept looked like a great idea.

But when put into the user experience, bookmarks was a huge flop. It became clear after a few  years that people were not taking advantage of its capabilities. They would find a new article or blog in a remote part of the internet, and then

September 7

How Vosteran Connects you With Great Software

How do you find out about the latest and greatest software?


Vosteran is here to help! Vosteran can help bring you that much closer to all your favorite sites and services that are on the cutting-edge of software and app development.

Tech blogs are a great place to start. GigaOm and Mashable are two high quality sources of software and technology information. Let’s also add TechCrunch to the list--it’s one of our personal favorites. But let’s not get caught up in numbers--your Vosteran homebase can handle it all.

So now that you’ve added these blogs to your homebase,

September 4

Why Sports Fans Use Vosteran

As all true sports fans are aware, the way we engage with our favorite teams and players has changed a great deal in the past few years. It’s no longer enough to buy a bag of chips and watch your team play on Sunday. Real sports fans these days are on top of the relevant blogs, statistics sites, and fantasy sports.


So where does Vosteran come in to this?

All this information starts to pile up. Soon your browsers are filled with websites that you hardly use. But the pile keeps growing--it feels like a technology virus on your